Many ask themselves if can a dog break his nose, and it’s possible. They are also pretty frequent. It could break because your pet ran into something, got stepped on, or simply by playing. So it is important to know how to detect a dog nasal fracture and what steps to follow.

Symptoms of a Broken Nose

If you think something is wrong and your dog is hurt, these are the most frequent symptoms you can see:

Swollen nose

Bumps on the bridge could be one of the most noticeable symptoms to notice your dog has suffered a nasal fracture.

Bleeding nostrils

If your dog hurts his nose, it is also probable you may notice blood coming out.

Nose changing color

If his nose is broken, it may have become bruised. It also happens during cold temperatures, but it is better to check a vet to be sure. This change is more noticeable in dogs with light fur.

Dog pawing his nose

You can also notice your dog pawing his snoot more than usual. This means there’s something wrong and bothering them. It could be an injury or maybe something that is stuck inside their nose.

Frequent sneezing

It could be caused by many factors like common allergies. But also complex problems like some kind of object stuck or bone a broken inside their nose, leading to breathing problems.

Runny nose

Besides common allergies, it is possible that your dog has something wrong with its nose. If their nasal discharge has a yellowish color it might be a sign of infection.

What to Do Next

After checking the symptoms, it is very important to do the next steps until your vet is ready to treat your animal.

  1. Call the vet: appoint immediately a visit to your vet to get your dog treat as soon as possible. It is also essential not to give your puppy any medication before the vet check.
  2. Stay calm: it is very important not to stress, your dog is in pain and he will notice you’re stressed too. This could increase his blood pressure, so it is better to take him to a safe and calm place and handle the situation until the vet comes.
  3. Check its nose: being extremely careful and gentle, touch his nose to see the problem. Not all dogs’ nasal fractures are visible, and some may be internal. If it’s hurt, you will notice the doggy crying or letting you know not to touch him.
  4. Use ice packs: sometimes, ice can help to reduce the swelling in the nose, and also numb the pain. Be careful not to overdo it. It shouldn’t be done more than a few times a day, for a maximum of 15 minutes each.

Dog Nasal Fracture Treatment

First, the vet will check if it’s really broken, and then decide what’s next. An x-ray will be the first step to check the size of the fracture. Depending on the size of the injury it may be necessary to do a surgery intervention, or just repair or set the nose.

Some surgeries will need orthopedic implants to hold the nose until it completely heals.

Your vet will have to prescribe some painkillers and antibiotics to your dog, in order to reduce pain and infection problems. The healing process might take more than two months, and it’s necessary to keep him safe from getting hurt again.

Take him out for walks to do some exercise regularly, but control him not to run or play crazy since it could worsen his wounds. Sometimes, the vet might tell you to apply some ice packs to your dog's nose to help the healing process.

Other Tips

Dogs bleeding continuously might need some bandage or cloth to stop the blood. Applying some pressure will also help, but be careful of their reaction since they’re scared and in pain. Always try to keep their nose up if it doesn't stop bleeding until a vet can check them.

Don’t think you’re a vet: some dogs might get aggressive when you're trying to help them because of the pain. It’s important not to think you can do the vet’s job, and let the professionals do their work. It could end with you being bitten, or your puppy's fracture worsened.

Those are all the tips needed in case your dog’s nose ever gets injured, to act fast and know what to do. You will never again wonder: Can a Dog Break His Nose?