People often can see how a dog is more receptive to the commands from a certain person of the family instead of other. Pets may adopt one of their family members as their “alpha”, although this doesn’t necessarily mean they will disobey the others. So can a dog have 2 masters somehow?

Can a Dog Have 2 Masters?

When a doggy joins a human family, it is welcomed and loved by everyone. But the pup always develops a special connection with only one person often seen as its leader.

This person oftenly is the giver or caretaker, and the selection depends on more than the “alpha syndrome” sometimes. They still love all family members, but are relentlessly fonder of only one family member, attracted to him.

Sometimes, this person may not be able to attend to the pet’s needs, still they will feel an instinctive affinity to them. Finding security and relaxation in that “master”.

How to Detect the Dog’s Affinity Towards Someone

Dogs show very clear signs to demonstrate their special affection towards their chosen master. Sleeping beside that person, looking forward to play with them or trying to catch their attention through happy signs are the most common other indicators.

If you are the person that your puppy chose as their natural affinity, the best thing to do is reciprocate this feeling. Accepting the responsibility of looking after him and creating a strong bond.

Strengthening the Bond With Your Pet

There are several ways to improve your relationship with your dog, making yourself and them happier in the process. 

Spend More Time Together

Sharing time, moments and experiences together always helps to strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Especially if those moments are enjoyable, funny and lovingly for both of you. 

Behavioral Training

A well trained dog grants many benefits not only to you, but also to them. For example, dogs trained to come back when called usually get more time without a leash. If they have learnt not to take things from the table, owners usually allow them to stay nearby during meals.

When pups are authorized to do things more freely, they feel more confident and know what their owners want or forbid. This reduces their stress levels since they get to know their owner desires better.

Teaching your pooch new things during 5 or 10 minutes a day also helps to build a stronger relationship. Both will learn new things, developing mutual trust and strengthening the bond. These learnt tricks exercise the dog’s mind and body increasing their confidence.

Learn What They Like and Dislike

Knowing what your dog loves means that you can give them what they want and make them really happy. You also need to know what your dog doesn’t like.

Best place to start is knowing what things he finds unpleasant: head pats, scents, loud noises, being stared at, hugs or being dressed up with uncomfortable clothes.

Treat Them Well

It’s proven that physical contact, grooming and petting helps your dog lowering their stress and anxiety problems. It reduces both heart rate and stress hormones, making a very crucial step in bonding humans with dogs.

Indoor Activities to Bond With Your Dog

Sometimes, you can’t go outside to play with your dog or taking him for a walk to the park. That’s when you can employ some of this tips to have a nice time with your pup.

Chew and Puzzle Toys

Puzzle, chews and food toys are great options to train and play with your pup. Learning which one is the toy they like and what they don’t like is also vital to understand them. If you pooch enjoys and values a particular toy you should keep.

Some puzzles may be difficult or more challenging, leading to frustration. You should remove that kind of puzzles, and give them a nice treat to try and keep them motivated.

Searching Games

Setting boxes and smelly treats for your dog to find is another fun experience for your dog, not only to have fun but develop their senses. Using their brain and natural senses help them to notice visual identifiers that contain food.

Once your doggy gets more used to the game, you can increase the treats and boxes, until eventually removing them all and just hiding the treat.

Massaging and Cuddling

Dogs love cuddles and massages. Veterinarians say it also helps to reduce their stress by lowering their blood pressure levels. By using your fingertips in soft circular motions, you will relax and massage your dog. Neck and chest are the preferred spots you can try it.

Talk to Them Often

Talking to your puppy also helps bonding greatly. Tell them you love them. It helps not only to reduce their stress, but also to relax their senses. Pups love hearing familiar voices. You can also use this time to read something aloud, giving you the opportunity to finish that book you always wanted to enjoy.

Working at home, chatting with your phone and any other activities you may do where your voice is involved will also help.


If you ever asked yourself if a dog can have 2 masters, you’ll know now that dogs can love an entire family. But they will always develop a “special” attraction to one of them for a certain reason. You still have many ways to strengthen that bond if you’re not the chosen one.