Boarding facilities usually accept most pets without any issue. However, can you board a dog in heat? Absolutely, but only if the kennel is prepared for such situations. After all, pets get really needy when the season hits.

Do Kennels Accept Pets in Season?

Boarding a dog in season is not as straightforward as it sounds. First of all, the facility must have isolated rooms in which to lodge your beloved pet. Additionally, the kennel needs to be prepared if both males and females are near each other.

Bitches in heat produce a particular scent that are extremely easy for males to detect. This will make dogs go crazy over females and will disrupt the place’s serenety. Nevertheless, if the boarding facility is used to accept pets in season, most probably they have measures to control the situation.

Unfortunately, shadier kennels will say they board dogs in heat when asked. That’s why it’s essential to ask why and how a pet in season will be treated before boarding them.

Can You Board a Dog in Heat?

Provided the kennel facility chosen is willing to accept dogs in heat, yes, it’s possible to do it. Nevertheless, there are a few details one should look at before boarding a pet in season.

How the Season Affects Dogs

Although heat in dogs is generally associated with aggressive attitudes, this is not necessarily the only symptom. The signs of heat cycles are both behavioral and physical. However, some pet don’t undergo all of them.

Each dog has their own way of dealing with heat season. Some act more territorial whereas others react more reserved. Nonetheless, most of the time there’ll be a change in a pet’s behavior. 

Such change, alongside other factors, should be considered before answering if you can board a dog in heat.

The Benefits of Boarding Kennels

The boarding staff are instructed in what to do when dealing with a dog in season. Hence, to locate yours in a kennel is one of the safest bets.

A boarding facility actively tries to enhance a dog’s experience while ensuring their safety. For instance, pets in heat are made to wear heat diapers in order to socialize. That way, they can play with their peers without worrying about unwanted meetings.

Moreover, kennels won’t take in dogs if they suffer from contagious diseases and will clean pets in a regular basis. Although the chances are not zero, it’s nigh impossible to get a pet back with an unpleasant sickness.

Lastly, boarding a dog in heat ensures your bitch won’t mate with males. A good kennel will remain vigilant on their visitors. Hence, there’ll be little to no chances of pets getting dangerously intimate.

The Risks Involved

Despite the fact kennels are well equipped for taking care of dogs, some issues innate in heat periods might crop up during the stay.

The most noticeable issue are fights. Fights are way more common when the season hits in; the more so if the dogs ducking it out are both in heat. This is due to the territorial attitude pets take during this period. Boarding staff, naturally, will stop any confrontation right away.

A dog will also feel extremely lonely when separated from their owner. Just because a pet is in heat doesn’t mean they won’t care about their owner for a while. The reality is quite the opposite. Bitches might even suffer from extreme levels of separation anxiety, which makes boarding an awful experience.

Boarding a Dog While on a Trip

If you’re planning on a trip, can you board a dog while away is a crucial question to ask.

The answer depends on how a pet reacts to being apart from their owner. Particular dogs are just fine without their owner’s presence. In contrast, others display a lot of symptoms stemming from separation anxiety.

Long story short, it’s impossible to board a dog if it acts up when their owner is not around: the kennel’s staff won’t be able to calm them down. Parallelly, if the pet behaves peacefully, there won’t be any issues in doing so.

Only the person who knows the most, the owner, about the pet can tell whether it’s a good idea to board a bitch while on a trip.

Preparing for Boarding

Luckily for owners, there are a few preemptive measure one can take to make the stay more comfortable for their pets.

Walk Regularly

An exercised dog is a calm dog.

Walks are great for pets that have too much energy in them and don’t know how to release. Since heat periods encourage physical activity within dogs, regular walks help them stay in shape while releasing all that energy. It’s the perfect solution.

Bring Toys

Thanks to how stressful the experience could get for dogs, it’s imperative to bring toys or other objects a pet likes.

Doggies in distress usually seek comfort in the people and objects they are more familiar with. As such, a toy that can aid them in their time of need will prove to be very useful. There’s no need for a dog to suffer on their own.

In addition to that, other items such as an scarf or a collar might help, too. The objects will remind of the fun times dogs have had with their owners and soothe them due to the scent they carry.

I’m Worried. Should I Neuter My Dog?

If there’s no definite answer to the main question, can you board a dog in heat, another question arises: whether one should spay their dog.

Despite the fact that there are thousands of experts giving their opinion on this topic, there’s no clear answer yet. Whether an owner neuters their dog is extremely up to them and how they feel about it.

Many of the disadvantages and ethical questions of the process will make neutering look like a sin. Parallely, the bunch of benefits spaying a pet are too good to miss out on, even for the dogs themselves. The decision is a tough one.

Having said all that, if it’s impossible to guarantee a dog’s safety while boarding them, neutering them is a viable option.