Whether it's because you like small dogs or you live in a small space, you're probably looking for dog breeds that don't grow too big.

Well, here are 15 small dog breeds that don't grow too big and all have a lot of love to give.

Maltese Bichon

They are very friendly and playful dogs, which makes them special to be in the company of children. Moreover, despite their beautiful and abundant white coat, they do not shed too much, so they can be considered a breed that does not lose hair.

Their measurements do not usually exceed 23 centimeters in height and 4 kilos in weight.



Perhaps the most famous of all the small breeds, and it is as famous as it is small, since it is also the smallest breed. It does not measure more than 30 centimeters and does not usually weigh more than 3 kilos.

They are very affectionate dogs, do not make a lot of mess and are easy to transport so that they can accompany you everywhere.


Italian Greyhound.

Also known as Small Italian Greyhound, it is a very agile and fast breed, they are also affectionate and attached to their owners. Their coat is usually black, gray, yellow or spotted and their measurements do not exceed 34 centimeters and 5 kilos.

Belgian Griffon

This breed originated from crossing the Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Pug and Affenpinscher breeds. They are usually very active, brave and attached to their owners.

Their incredibly small size places them on this list, measuring no more than 20 centimeters and weighing 3 kilos.


It is a breed originating from Asia. Pekingese are very attached and strong-willed dogs, which does not make them good if there are children. But, on the other hand, they do not shed very much and do not need much exercise.

They are usually 25 centimeters tall and weigh between 3 and 7 kilos.

Miniature Pinscher

These dogs don't grow more than 28 centimeters and weigh no more than 7 kilos. They have a refined appearance, pointed ears, elongated muzzle and alert look. They are very inquisitive and naturally skilled, making them excellent watchdogs.


This breed is mostly known for its beautiful and abundant coat and does not grow very large. Its measurements reach 22 centimeters and a maximum of 4 kilos. It is an excellent dog for the home, as it is very affectionate and always seeks to be close to its owners.

Poodle Toy

Toy Poodles are dogs that do not grow more than 35 centimeters and can weigh up to 3 kilos. Their curly hair needs to be trimmed regularly, as it does not fall out naturally.

They are very obedient, active, and intelligent dogs so they are easy to train or educate.


They can also be known as Pugs, they are highly social and playful dogs. They do not need a lot of food and will always seek the company of their owners. Although they tend to be larger than most small breeds, they will never exceed 35 centimeters. They also do not weigh too much, from 3 to 7 kilos.

Prague Mouse

This is one of the smallest breeds of all, measuring 23 centimeters and weighing at most 4 kilos. They are very companionable, affectionate, attentive and do not find it difficult to socialize, so they get along very well with children.

They are also known as Prague Mouser, they have a coat of beautiful black and reddish-bronze colors.

Miniature Schnauzer

Small, loyal, cheerful and bearded. These characteristics perfectly describe this dog breed, which is also very active and intelligent. Very sociable with other dogs and people, but should be encouraged from puppyhood to be so.

Its height ranges from 30 to 35 centimeters and its weight reaches 8 kilograms.

Shih Tzu

Its coat, dense and abundant, can be brown, white, black and golden. This breed, originally from Tibet, is very loyal, affectionate and has an excellent relationship with children.

All this makes it a great watchdog despite its size. It does not usually reach 27 centimeters and its weight is around 4 to 7 kilos. Shih Tzus tend to have a delicate stomach, so it’s important only to feed them appropriate food , in addition to many other care related to bathing and hygiene.

Japanese Spaniel

In ancient times it was the dog par excellence of Japanese royalty. This is due to its beautiful coat and its friendly and intelligent character.

This dog breed is characterized by its cheerfulness and independence. A good choice for those who can not always be at home.

Its size is also considerably small, it barely reaches 30 centimeters and its weight does not exceed 4 kilos.

Miniature Dachshund

The colloquially known as "dachshund", is a small breed of dog that does not grow too much and sheds very little hair. Their coat usually varies between reddish, brown and black.

These dogs are small, about 35 centimeters tall and weigh about 7 kilos. They are also cheerful, playful and friendly with other dogs and people.

Yorkshire Terrier.

Since Victorian times it has been considered a great companion. Their beautiful coat is a mix of glossy black and brown. Despite being silky and long, the Yorkshire Terrier sheds little or no hair.

These dogs tend to be mischievous, cheerful and friendly, but have a slight tendency to bark and tend to be overprotective.

In terms of size and weight, they only measure between 20 to 30 centimeters and weigh 3 to 4 kilos respectively.

Care of small dogs

Small dogs tend to be more fragile than normal, thus requiring more care.

For example, if we have very small children, they often harm small breed dogs unintentionally. Some small breeds are fragile-boned and can be broken.

Most small breeds are more susceptible to cold weather and require dog coats if they live in areas with low temperatures. Others, because they lose almost no hair, need frequent brushing or visits to the groomer.

Some dog breeds have flat muzzles, making them more prone to respiratory conditions such as tracheal collapse, bronchitis, etc.

In short, small dog breeds require the same or even more care than medium or large dog breeds. If you want to avoid the responsibilities of pet ownership, don't choose small breeds.