This is a question that many owners ask themselves. Whether you’re planning a road trip or you’re noticing a slight decrease in his/her urinating frequency, it is important to keep in mind how long your dog can go without peeing

Why Dogs Can Go Without Peeing Longer Than Others?

How often a dog can pee will depend on many factors, like age, breed, size, overall health, and gender. An adult dog can go between 8 to 10 hours without peeing, but small-sized pets will have to urinate more often.

Age Matters

Since puppies have smaller bladders, they’ll have to urinate more frequently throughout the day. Their bladders don’t fully form until six months have passed. Until then, you should take them to pee every hour or a few minutes after eating or drinking.

The maximum amount of time puppies can hold it is one hour in their first month and four hours between their 3rd and 6th hours. After that, their blades are fully formed and will be able to last longer without visiting the bathroom.

Also, small-sized pets will have to urinate more often despite their age. Funny enough, male adults will pee more than females. Territory marking is not something they can be lazy about.

Lastly, old dogs tend to take a leek a lot. Due to their health issues, they can’t hold it for too long as a healthy adult would. However, restraining from urinating might be a problem in the long run.

Medications and Their Side Effects

Some meds are known to cause different kinds of adverse effects on dogs, and one of them is more frequent urination.

Antibiotics and hormones, such as steroids, might produce a change in how your dog digests food and water, which in return makes their urinatory habits erratic. Your pet will pee more due to its bladder and kidney being irritated.

Keep in mind these side effects don’t persist for too long. If so, consult with your veterinarian and ask for a different treatment.

What Happens if a Dog Doesn’t Pee?

Not releasing wasteful liquids weakens the bladder muscles and might cause kidney issues. The most common health problems generated by not being able to pee are bladder stones, incontinence, and cancer.

On a different note, dogs tend to be as uncomfortable as us when they can’t pee where they want. Our pet becomes so anxious and restless that they will discharge in places they know they can’t, such as on furniture, clothes, and corners.

Keep in mind that a dehydrated dog will not pee so as to preserve as much fluid as possible. This will originate bladder and kidney issues faster than incontinence. That’s why it’s advisable to know whether your pet drinks enough water.

Nevertheless, if your dog doesn’t fall on this list of issues, then it should endure for about 6 to 8 hours.

What Can I Do if I’m Not Around?

Since most people work full-time, they can’t stay in their homes and make sure their pets urinate properly. Fortunately enough, there are some options you can take to ensure your dog has a healthy leaking habit.

Bring Your Dog With You!

In the US, nearly 70 million households own a dog, and 72% of home workers have stated they want to take their pets with them to the workplace. These, along with other statistics, show that pets have a strong relationship with work drive.

Due to happiness and productivity getting more attention from companies, workplaces are becoming increasingly open to bringing pets. If your company is one of those, you should bring your pet along!

Take Your Dog to a Doggy Daycare

Although the price might scare owners, doggy daycares at totally worth their money.

These daycares are sure to give your dog the fun and care they deserve when you’re not around. They’ll have a lot of fun while maintaining their healthy habits under the careful watch of experienced pet owners.

You should definitely try them out.

Hire a Dog Walker

Dogs have a lot of energy, so, what happens when you leave them on their own? Your house becomes a mess, and you might even sense a funny odor!

For that reason, you might want to hire a dog walker. A dog walker will satisfy your pet’s energy and will also note when they need to pee. Hence, you won’t need to worry at all about your little buddy.

Install a Dog Door

This door is not only convenient for you, but for your dog too.

Your pet won’t have to rely on you to do exercise, cool off, or pee, and neither will you have to stay alert for their needs. Setting up a dog door is sure to make your lives easier!

A healthy pet is a happy pet, so making sure they are in good shape should be your number one priority!