Dental hygiene it’s very important in dogs, but not all dogs are willing to let you brush their teeth. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a way for your dog to clean his own teeth.

Whichever the case is, let us share with you some possible ideas to achieve this

A Couple Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

They might be solutions for all tastes, the task is to find the one that suits your dog best. We hope this list will help:

Dog Chews

These are a delicious way to have our dog’s teeth clean, consider buying some chews like beef tendons, bully sticks, dried rabbit ears, and all chewing food like that.

These will not only help with dental cleaning, but they’re also good for reducing stress and healthy for dogs.

Toy Chews

Much like dog chews, this will have your pup entertained for a while, and chewing it’s the natural way for dogs to get their teeth clean. Also, a chewing toy will help with boredom if that’s the case for your dog.

Dental Treats and Toys

Dental treats are like other treats, but specially designed and composed for removing the plaque and tartar from the dog’s teeth, and the dogs will always love a treat! So this is likely a good option.

On the other hand, dental toys are chewing toys with special designs to carve deep between the teeth as the dog plays with them like it was like any other.

Wipes and Sprays

Products like wipes and sprays are direct brushing replacements.

Wipes don't remove the routine of taking care of washing your dog’s teeth, but make it way much easier, don't need to put a brush inside his mouth, just your finger with a wipe making sure to clean both sides and done.

But what comes to make it even easier, sprays do it, just need to apply it on both sides pointing on teeth and gum line, the formula will clean and prevent the tartar from build-up.

Food and Water Additaments

The food additives are some natural ingredients that you can add to your pup’s food that will act over the tartar and plaque smoothing it so it will detach itself from teeth.

Water add-ins contain enzymes that remove the plaque as your dog drinks water, you just need to add the liquid to your dog’s bowl daily, and no more dog bad breath.

Coconut Oil

Apparently, there’s nothing that coconut oil can’t do.

Now seriously speaking, coconut oil is well-known for its antimicrobial properties. You can apply it on the gum with your fingers or put it in your dog’s food, coconut oil will kill the bacteria that causes plaque and leads to gum disease. Do it once a week to maximize the effect.

Fruit and Veggies

These will not clean your dog’s teeth, but they will sure help prevent the plaque and tartar to be formed.

Carrots, watermelon, or even sweet potatoes will carry benefits for the dog’s teeth. Remember the more natural the food is, the healthier his teeth will be.

Professional Cleaning

When we can’t brush our dog’s teeth regularly, it’s a good choice to make a year procedure of professional cleaning.

This can avoid the risk of teeth infection or risky and expensive tooth extractions. Not all dog breeds need this kind of treatment but it’s worth asking your vet for.

That’s all? Seems Easy

Well yes and no, let us explain, now you know how to help your dog keep his teeth free from plaque and tartar without having to brush, just need to pick one and try it, you may start to think “that’s all my dog needs”, and that’s incorrect.

There’s no replacement for dog dental checks, doing it regularly could help in detecting any issues early, and will ensure good oral health.

We still have to say that if you have any doubt about any of the tips given here, before applying it, consult your veterinarian, remember that not all dogs have the same needs, and the most important reason, this has to be healthy for your dog.

Happy teeth cleaning!