Vizslas are more communicative than other breeds of dogs. Whenever vizslas get excited, feel nervous, or sense any unusual danger approaching they can start whining to communicate the same to their owners.

If you are wondering how to get a vizsla to stop whining, it is better to know what might be causing your dog to whine.

Reasons Why Your Vizla Whines

When vizslas whine they can either be crying or howling for various reasons. These reasons can be as common as seeking attention from owners to an underlying medical condition that is causing discomfort.

If your vizslas whine due to natural reasons then there isn’t much to worry about. But in case of more serious reasons, you will need to take quick action since delay can harm your pet. These are some of the reasons that may cause your vizsla to complain:

They Need to Communicate With Their Owners

Vizslas often whine when they have to communicate something urgent to their owner. For instance, when feel hungry and the owner is not around, they can whine loudly to remind the owner to feed them. Similarly can complain by whining when want to go out to relieve themselves.

These causes do not need any immediate action. You can identify if your doga is whining to communicate if you see them using their paws to nudge you or wagging their tails. They can also sometimes make a noise that sounds like a short sneeze while whining for attention.

They Want to Show That There Is Something New Around Them.

Just like most humans like to stick to a comfortable routine, so do vizslas. They tend to whine when they see or sense anything unusual that they are not used to. For instance, when you are playing with another dog or they see a new pet in the house all of a sudden can start to whine loudly.

You can identify if is whining because it feels uncomfortable due to something unusual by noticing its facial expressions and body language. They will have their eyes wide open and a tense stance. Though there is nothing wrong with whining due to this reason, it is better not to introduce vizslas to any sudden changes unless necessary.

They Do Not Get the Amount of Exercise They Need

Vizslas are hunting dogs with athletic built. They store a lot of energy inside their athletic bodies and need serious exercise every day. You can take your dog on long walks, or a safe ground where they can run the way they want to to feel good.

If you notice that he is more restless than usual and comes to the door all the time, he probably needs exercise.

Has Been Injured or Has a Health Problem

Since vizslas are super active, they tend to get injured frequently. During such instances, they cry and whine uncontrollably. If it’s whining due to an accidental injury, you can identify that by observing these signs. If your dog limping, or licking their paws or where they have got hurt, or keeps one paw raised even while sitting, it has to be an injury.

In case you don’t see any of the above-mentioned signs, your dog can be whining due to discomfort caused by an underlying health condition. This is when you need to reach your veterinarian at the earliest.

How Can You Stop Your Vizsla From Whining

Now that you know the various reasons why whine frequently, here are some of the ways how to get a vizsla to stop whining.

Give Your Vizsla Proper Training to Be Obedient

Right from their puppyhood, it is important to give vizslas basic obedience training so that as grownup dogs they listen to you. Since vizslas are, by nature, stubborn it will be difficult for you to train an adult one.

This breed is easy to train and with a proper rewarding system, you can make vizsla listen to you and stop whining. In case, your well-trained vizsla doesn’t stop whining even when told not to, you can take it for a regular checkup with the veterinarian just to ensure that there is nothing wrong.

Let Your Vizsla Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps to keep a vizsla active, healthy, and happy. Being a very active breed, vizslas need to exercise to release the huge amount of energy that is stored in their bodies. You can hire a trainer if you don’t have time to take your dog on a walk.

Without adequate exercise and outdoor activities, your vizsla will likely whine uncontrollably because it feels inactive and lethargic while waiting for a chance to release its energy.


One of the most-loved dog breeds, vizslas make a great pet when you take proper care of its needs, especially when it comes to regular and intense exercise. How to get a vizsla to stop whining? Start by trying to find out the reason behind such behavior and then follow the above-mentioned ways to try to stop the whining.