Harsh temperatures, especially during winter can be hard for stray dogs. That’s why it’s vital to provide them with any kind of help to ensure that they can have a warm place to sleep during the night.

How to Keep Stray Dogs Warm in Winter

If you’re worried about those homeless pets who are left alone around you surviving the cold winter, there are some tips to help them.

Provide Them Food and Water

Stray dogs are totally dependent for food on those who want to help them, throwing them a few pieces of food or leaving a bowl of food outside their homes. But it becomes more difficult during winter, since people don't go out as much as they do during warm temperatures.

This makes the search for food and water much more complicated for stray dogs since they spend a lot of time and energy. Thankfully, many people are aware of these doggos and do everything they can to easen their situation.

You can also make sure that poochs near you have food at least once a day. Water or warm milk, boiled eggs, soybean chunks, or a piece of meat will undoubtedly be appreciated by those dogs.

Keep in mind that approaching a homeless or lost dog may be dangerous since they could be scared. If you ever find one, you need to know what to do.

Give Them a Shelter

Sleeping outside without any type of protection during cold nights is not only tough and dangerous for humans, but also for pets. If it’s in your possibilities, try to provide them a warm, safe, and protected place.

There are many shelters for dogs around parks, or just a shed around your house. Furthermore, you can use a leftover big box to build them a safe spot. A clean straw is more than enough for bedding.

Provide Them Clothes and Blankets

You can always spare an old cloth or blanket if you have to cover a homeless dog. An old sweater can also come in handy and works wonders. Make sure the dog is actually comfortable wearing it, since it's vital to take the clothing off on a regular basis. They might get super dry skin if you don’t.

Allow Them to Get In Your House

Cold and rainy days are the worst to stay out; being the deadliest by far. If these conditions are being met, the best you can do is open your gates for a puppy until the rain stops. Ask for permission from the concerned authority if you live in a shared building.


While all of the other options are really helpful, the truth is that the best way to help a homeless doggo is to give them a forever home.

There are a lot of people who spend lots of money buying dogs since some breeds are seen as a symbol of status, wealth, and power. Others even think street dogs cannot be house trained.

The reality is that stray dogs are excellent pets, can adapt to any circumstances and most are really healthy. If you’re ready to adopt a puppy, go ahead!

Other Ways to Help Stray Dogs


Associations that take care of many animals are very resource-intensive, making it complicated for shelters with a limited budget. You can directly help by donating funds to the shelter as a sponsor if you have the possibility.

Another great way to help these shelters is organizing different fundraiser events like fun runs or walk-a-thons to aid a cause. A whole community involved not only helps in reaching the monetary goal but also creates awareness for animals in need.


Volunteering is another proactive way to make a huge impact and help a lot of dogs. Taking care of many animals is a challenging task for anyone, and any help is always welcomed. Try talking to shelters and see if they are accepting volunteers. A couple of hours a week can help a lot.


Funds and supplies are also always welcomed in animal shelters. One of the best things you can do for animals in a shelter is giving away many things you don’t use but that will be really helpful for puppies.

Old blankets or clothes, dog toys, and supplies like food can help the associations save money to use it on other resources they may need. Eventually, you can ask your family or friends to participate in a donation.


If you ever encounter a homeless puppy and have the chance of taking care of them, fostering is an effective way to help shelters. By helping to rehabilitate pets and teach them how to live with humans you will give them a new chance in life.

Many elder and puppy dogs with special needs need intensive care due to their condition, making it harder to keep up in a shelter. Since those places can’t provide the care they need, in-house and fostering is a great way to accommodate those furry companions.

Furthermore, you’re greatly helping shelters to reduce the dog’s number they have under their care.


If you ever asked yourself how to keep stray dogs warm in winter, it’s because you have a big heart and you’re an animal lover. Thankfully, there are many ways to help these furry companions, from providing them food to a warm shelter to sleep during the night.

Keep in mind you can help with other ways too. Donating, sponsoring, fostering and volunteering in dog shelters can aid the cause you’re trying to support.