People often think that the dog’s equivalent to a human chuckle is wagging its tail. This popular myth is a misconception. They, too, have facial expressions to show their happiness.

As an owner, ensuring your pet’s happy as it gets should be your number one priority. To stay true to that mantra, you can learn how to make a dog laugh! It’s fairly easy and is a tell-tale sign of his good mood.

Do Dogs Really Laugh?

Wagging their tail is not the only way puppies show their excitement: laughing is another expression of being happy.

Dogs open their mouth slightly to laugh or smile, always showing a bit of their tongue. This expression is the opposite of when they’re scared or anxious, with their mouth totally closed.

Puppies usually laugh when playing with their owners, with other animals, or doing fun activities. This is often accompanied by a panting sound.

How to Make a Dog Laugh

While most dogs will laugh without their owner telling them so, there are a few tricks to teach them to do it.

By rounding your lips doing an open-mouthed expression with no sound, you can copy how canines laugh, making your puppy mimic it.

Naturally, replicating their laugh is not the only way to make a dog laugh. There are many other ways to do it, like doing fun activities and taking them out for a walk, among others.

For instance, most pups love cars, and they will get immediately happy when knowing you’re taking them out for a drive.

Doggies get very happy when you grab their leash or fetch their toys. Tricks like hyping them up when playing, hiding their fetch ball in your hands, and even jokes can make a pet laugh.

Other Ways to Make a Dog Laugh

Physical and outdoor activities aren’t the only type of games dogs love. You can make them happy with several games just in the comfort of your home.

  1. Tickling: like humans, they have a weak spot for tickles that you can rub. Their belly, chest, and legs are the most frequent tickle spots you can try in exchange for getting a dog smile.
  2. Kissing: showing love to your pets is one of the best ways to make them happy. Besides being a great show of affection and attention, they will also kiss you back! Try kissing their head and see how they will lick you in return.
  3. Specific sounds: curious by nature, most dogs are attracted to some noises that surround their daily life. Doorbells, quacks, toys like shakers or squeakers, and baby noises are the most common ones. Those sounds can attract pets’ attention and make them feel playful.
  4. Sharing moments with you: while it could be an obvious one, there’s nothing a dog appreciates more than being with its owner. Feeling loved and wanted makes them really happy, especially if it's love from their favorite person.

Do Dogs Know What A Smile Means?

Animals are very sensitive to the human voice tone and the way we talk to them, and dogs aren’t the exception. They love watching us laugh: it is a way to know we are pleased or enjoying the time with them.

Just as they detect our happiness, they can also tell when we’re sad, stressed, or angry. Dogs can understand our emotions very well and react according to them. Although showing their teeth is an aggressive stance, they can tell it is harmless coming from humans.

Pets will show their happiness back at their owners, with funny wide-open mouths and panting noises.


As seen, not only humans can laugh or smile. Dogs are also very capable when showing emotions through body language, mixed with playfulness and humor.

With these tips and tricks on how to make a dog laugh, you’ll see for yourself how giddy you make your pet feel. Share a few laughs together while having a blast!

Do remember that wagging his tail, panting, jumping, and running from side to side are some actions your dog will do when excited.