Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the temptation of rewarding our canine friends with a special treat; be it their favorite brand of biscuits or synthetic bones.

Beef esophagus chews could also make for great rewards. However, owners may be concerned about whether they present any potential health hazards or not.

Can Dogs Eat Beef Esophagus?

Long story short: yes, it is very much safe for dogs to eat beef esophagus, they love to chew on it for hours, it’s highly digestible and they find it delicious.

Nevertheless, it’s strongly recommended to mind the size of the chew so it’s not too big for the dog, and always have a nearby bowl of water in case they need it.

Health Benefits

Beef esophagus it’s not only good so that dogs have something to chew on, but it is also known that it’s a great source of chondroitin and glucosamine; which are essential to their joint health.

Given that 20% of all dogs suffer from canine osteoarthritis, an inflammation of the joints caused by different factors, from old age to injuries and disease, it’s something important to take into consideration.

Other less known benefits are healthy skin and shiny coats, as the beef esophagus is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, that naturally contribute to this!

So, not only is beef esophagus safe for dogs, but it’s also quite beneficial.

Beef Esophagus Chews or Rawhide Chews?

There is a great variety of chews and snacks on the market, which in one way or another can keep dogs entertained for a bit. One of the most popular alternatives is rawhide, a snack that lasts for quite some time.

Rawhide chews are made from leftovers of the leather industry, and they break down into smaller, softer pieces over time as the dog munches on them.

Nonetheless, beef esophagus chews are very recommended over rawhide chews, the reason for this is that they’re way more digestible, and provide health benefits that rawhide chews simply do not possess.

Dental Hygiene

Beef esophagus chews are excellent for the dental hygiene of your dog! It keeps its gums healthy, cut back on tartar buildup (the hard brownish-grey substance that builds upon its teeth), and removes bacteria from the teeth.

It will also maintain plaque away, according to many vets, which helps immensely, and will keep their teeth healthy until their next dental visit.

Is Beef Esophagus Safe for Dogs and Puppies?

Yes, it is safe for both! Even more, it also particularly helps puppies with the painful process of teething (the growth of new teeth).

Veterinarians recommend, however, giving them a lot of water to help with digestion as they chew.

As with pretty much everything, it’s vital to pay attention to puppies when they’re starting with chews, and make sure they’re never biting more than they can chew.

Synthetic Chews, Never Raw Bones

A common mistake some owners may commit is giving their dogs raw leftover bones from the kitchen. This needs to be avoided because they’re a choking hazard, and their ingestion can lead to injuries in their mouth and tongue, among other problems.

To avoid these risks, synthetic chews are the way to go, regardless of age and size.

Where to Find Some

You can buy beef esophagus in pretty much every pet shop and veterinary clinic, it should be really easy to find. Some online stores also provide these chews, something convenient in these times!

How Often Should I Feed Them Beef Esophagus?

As beef esophagus chews can last for a while, especially if your dog is small; it’s not necessary to buy them very often. These chews can last for about one to two weeks, depending on their size, and how much they like to chew!

It’s also key to stay aware that dogs are still eating their regular food, and keeping up with a healthy diet and exercise.

Keeping the Furniture Safe

Many dogs, especially puppies, feel the urge to chew on pretty much everything, toys, furniture, and even people (in a playful way).

All this is, nonetheless, normal canine behavior, as they experience a lot of the world this way.

Beef esophagus chews can greatly help with this, as they’ll have something to chew instead of things they shouldn’t munch on, keeping them out of trouble, and making sure your stuff is safe from harm!