Sometimes owners feel their beloved pets always eat the same, and therefore they think about ways to enhance the flavor of their food. If you are wondering what sauce you can add to dog food, the best options are broth, gravy without seasoning, and pumpkin puree.

The reason is that they do not contain harmful additives such as onion, sugar, salt, garlic, or other components that are detrimental to canines.

When it comes to sauces, there are many options available but not all of them are safe for dogs. Some substances can lead to health consequences. Most sauces for human consumption have unhealthy additives and therefore people should think about others prepared naturally at home.

Why Should We Add Sauce to Dog Food?

Sauces can make your dog’s food more interesting and let them taste other flavors while having their typical food. This may make it more palatable, and they will enjoy it even more. 

They need to have a balanced diet to be healthy and sauces might be an extra complement to their nutritional needs. This will allow them to meet these requirements without difficulty.

Sauces also moisten the pet’s meal, which softens the food and makes it easier to chew.

Sauces Your Dog Cannot Have

The sauces they cannot have are those that humans usually consume. Most of these products undergo industrial processes, which means that they are not natural. They are likely to have additives or other chemical substances. The main reason is to extend their shelf life and add some flavor.

Even though your doggo may find manufactured products delicious and desire to have more, the fact is that they are unhealthy for them. The components which are “harmless” to people, may affect them because of biological reasons. Their bodies would not react in the same way to certain additives.

Tomato sauce

This is one most consumed sauces in people’s daily life. Owners might be tempted to give some of this to a pup, but they shouldn’t. It can contain amounts of salt or sugar that are not recommended for dog consumption.

Sugar can make your pup gain much weight, resulting in obesity in the most severe cases. This component may produce diabetes which prevents blood from regulating the sugar in it. This condition can cause kidney failure, stroke, and blindness, and must be treated because otherwise, it means death.

The pup will have a miserable life with this disease, and families will spend tons of money taking them to the vet and paying for medication.

Soy sauce

This popular sauce can be bad for your pup due to the quantity of salt it contains. The problem with salt excess is that it produces dehydration, kidney damage, seizures, and death in severe cases. 

Every animal requires a specific amount of salt so that their bodies function properly. Adding soy sauces increases the salt they should consume daily and this causes imbalances that have negative effects on their organism.

Pasta Sauce

A very typical sauce of Italian cuisine. It is also dangerous to puppies because of the garlic, onion, sugar, and salt it includes. Onion and garlic are poisonous to dogs and their consumption can produce anemia.

Pets with this disease will feel fatigued and may experience weight loss, lack of appetite, faster heart rate, and blood loss.

Keeping in mind that this sauce also contains salt and sugar, this is one of the most damaging to dogs.

What Sauces Can Dogs Eat?

As long as the sauces do not have harmful ingredients, they are consumable and free of risk for your dog. The best sauces are those that are as natural as possible and that is why cooking them at home is what owners must do.

They can check which ingredients they are using and the process of preparing the sauce will not involve any type of industrial step. This way, people will make sure that their doggies will be consuming additive-free sauces.


One recommended option is broth. There are different varieties, but the most common is chicken broth. When cooking it, refrain from adding salt or garlic. This way, they may have something a healthy food, which is easy to prepare.

What owners need for this recipe is chicken or its bones, vinegar, carrots (optional), and water. Then prepare the broth and once it cools, try to remove as much fat as possible. Then, it can be stored in the fridge and ready for eating. Chicken broth is good for joint health.


This is a typical British dish that is prepared with juices extracted from the cooking of meat and vegetables. Since it usually contains garlic, onion, and salt, it is necessary to alter the recipe a little to make it suitable for dogs. 

During its preparation, do not include any damaging ingredients and just cook it the typical way. The final result will be a thick sauce that your puppy will love. Pet stores also sell this gravy.

Pumpkin puree

A very simple choice that can function as a healthy sauce and treat for your puppy. Due to the amount of fiber, it improves the skin of the pet and helps those dogs with diarrhea and constipation. Moreover, it can aid in weight reduction as it has low calories.

When preparing this recipe, try to use natural ingredients because canned pumpkins may contain harmful components to your doggie.


There are sauces safe for dogs, and they are really easy to prepare. They can make food more palatable and provide them with extra nutrients. Despite their benefits, these sauces should be added in moderation.

Sauces for human consumption are not a good choice for a doggie. The fact is that they are not going to kill a puppy, but the risk of chronic diseases increases dramatically. Humans and canines do not possess identical organisms and therefore the reactions to the very same substances are different.

That’s why you should not feed them with these products. Even if they are barking or pushing you with the muzzle, refrain from giving pets sauce that people eat. We can believe this is cruel because they are lusting after it. The reality is that we are taking care of them and avoiding health issues in the future.