Golden Retrievers are an awesome breed: loyal, friendly, and easy to train with enough time and effort. Parallelly, they’re also very energetic and can make a huge mess if this energy isn’t managed properly.

To answer when do Golden Retrieves calm down, they tend to slow down at 2-to-3 years old, as they turn from puppies into adults. They will still be more active and enthusiastic than other breeds, but a lot calmer.

Nevertheless, even as puppies, there are some ways to help them burn that extra energy so they can be more relaxed.

1. Get Them Used to a Routine

Golden Retrievers are very smart and can learn routines fast. This is useful because, using rewards, you can teach them to stay calm at a certain time of the day.

For example, you can train them to stay composed during the morning by rewarding them with treats or walks.

Regardless, it’s crucial to be consistent with your training. Stick with the routine you chose and always reward your dog for following them and your instructions. Your pet will get used to it in no time if you follow those principles.

2. Let Your Pet Play With Other Dogs

Golden retrievers are hyperactive by nature, and this accumulated energy needs to go somewhere.

A great way to help them get that energy out of their system is to let them play with other dogs for as long as possible. This is strongly recommended, as they not only get tired more easily, but if they’re puppies, it helps them learn motor skills.

Dogs are also social animals, and having them interact with their peers is vital for their happiness, education, and well-being.

3. Get Fun Toys

Since Golden Retrievers can get bored fast, toys can be a good source of stimulation for your fluffy friend. Chews are a terrific option: they can munch on them instead of nibbling on your furniture!

Stuffed animal toys are good, too. Labradors love to take them everywhere and nip them, for instance.

It’s worth mentioning that this breed loves to play with toys. Thus, you should invest in high-quality ones. This will save you a lot of hassles in the long run

4. Give Them Some Attention

Sometimes, all the repressed energy that has the Retriever acting anxious comes from its inability to capture the owner’s attention.

Your dog doesn’t have to rely on bad behavior for you to keep an eye on him. If you only do so when your pet misbehaves, he will think you’ll only pay attention to him when he’s doing something bad.

5. Keep Your Retriever Busy

The more time they spend without physical activity, the more stressed and anxious dogs get.

Golden Retrievers are known for being an overly active breed. Thus, most experts recommend a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise. every day. Even in their senior years, these dogs still like being physically active

Combining your daily exercise with theirs is a great way to stay motivated and compelled to keep going!

6. Challenge Their Minds

Another good source of stimulation for dogs is games that challenge their minds, such as treasure hunts and hide-and-go-seek. These activities also help to develop the dog’s brain and test its intelligence.

Moreover, these games are more fun and demanding than others such as tug-of-war. Should your pet grow out of those, you can always rely on brain games. You can also step up simpler games, like teaching your dog to fetch the paper.

7. Don't Recognize Their Bad Behavior

Golden Retrievers sometimes have bad habits, such as jumping on people or barking for attention. While it might be tempting to tell them ‘no’ or scold them; this is counterproductive.

Dogs do these things because they’re trying to get attention from their owners, and if they get it, it encourages this behavior.

The correct way to handle this is to ignore them. If your pet doesn’t get what the wants, he will eventually start doing it less over time.

8. Get Help from a Trainer

All the routine building and training, while highly rewarding, can also be super time-consuming. That is why hiring a professional dog trainer is another alternative that can save a lot of time.

Some trainers educate your dog directly, while others may guide you in how to train your pet. Either way, it truly is a huge help, especially for those who work or study.

9. Never Punish Them Physically

One should never physically harm the dog in any way. This will only cause your Golden to become fearful, and if anything it will make it harder to train it. It will also cause them to start developing bad behaviors, such as food aggression.

When a dog is afraid of its owner, it starts doing things secretively and wants to avoid being near them. A good relationship with your pet can only flourish if you treat him with respect and love.

10. Be Patient

Remember to be understanding. Dogs will inevitably misbehave at some point. It’s also true that training takes a lot of effort and time. However, if you remain patient and consistent, yours will eventually learn. There’s no need to rush!

When do Golden Retrievers calm down is a good question, but a better one is how do you get them to remain serene is a better one. As long as you keep your dog busy and treat him with care, there won’t any issues!