Why Adopt a Cocker Spaniel Mixed With German Shepherd?

Amazingly friendly, affectionate, and devoted, the Spanierd (mix of cocker spaniel and german shepherd breeds) is an excellent companion. Read the reasons that make this furry friend an excellent addition to your family.

Origins of the Spanierd

In order to understand the origins of the Spanierd, it’s needed to know the roots of its heritage. Coming from Germany, the German Sheperd was used as capable of herding sheep, obtained by breeding different dogs on farms.

Time later, these dogs would be used for the military, and after the first Great War, the United States would introduce them to their country. Nowadays, according to the American Kennel Club, this dog is the second most popular breed in America (out of 195 registered breeds).

As for the Spaniel (30th most popular dog in the United States), it’s supposed it has Spanish origins but was spread all across Europe in 2000 years. Used as a hunting dog for small prey, before guns like the pistol and rifle were commonly used.

After the 1910s, the dog was introduced into the United States. While they are not very widespread today, the Cocker Spaniel is very calm and charming, especial for families. Currently, there are two types of this breed: the American Cocker Spaniel, and the English one.

Characteristics of Cocker Spaniel Mixed With German Shepherd

Thanks to their parents, these dogs have thick coats and are likely to have long and floppy ears. Also, their personality is completely influenced by them.

Behavior and Complexity

Relating to the behavior of its parents’ breed, the German Shepherd is a guarding dog, caring for his family, and the Cocker Spaniel is a perfect partner animal. Both breeds are highly people-focused and eager of playing with kids and other pets.

This makes the Spanierd energetic and vigorous, known for being persistent dogs, very loyal, and family-friendly. Tolerant of pets and young children, they are the result of a powerful dog with an orientation towards indoor life.

Their heritage gives them a lot of muscle, useful for their athletic bodies in sports, hunting, and any work they were employed for. Some mixes have shorter legs than others, but they’re still very fast dogs.

Spanierds can weigh up to 50 pounds depending on the dominant breed, and live between 10 and 15 years.

Coat and Fur

Their stout skins are mostly covered with black, white, or grey spots, and their fur is very soft and long.


Most mixes are healthy and don’t have many physical complications, but they can happen. Due to their parents’ size difference, troubles in their joints and bones can occur.

Organs may grow to a size bigger than their body structure, so it’s vital to do frequent check-ups, at least during the development stages.

Unless they suffer from some important illness or health issue, Spanierds have happy and long lives if they have constant care. Having the vaccines carnet updated and parasite-free is also crucial. Even doing this, you cannot evade that they’re prone to issues related to the breed.

Dog Care Needs

Like any other pooch, this breed also needs other considerations to ensure its essential demands are met to stay healthy.


Due to their long hair, their pelt will require attention from you. Brushing them daily is enough to avoid any complications it can bring, like infections or heatstrokes. Also, clean their ears at least once each one or two weeks.


Spanierds need a daily dose of exercise to keep their bodies active and fit. Sessions of 60-90 minutes every day are enough to keep them moving and fit.

Doing some training can ensure you can take your dog out for a walk in a park, and leave him leash-free. Playing in the garden can also help develop their physical skills. They will also happily accompany you hiking or running along you riding a bike!


Since they’re very intelligent dogs, it is relatively easy to train them to understand certain commands. Their calmness and obedience make it quite straightforward to learn new things. No problems will present when dealing with other dogs most of the time either.

Does It Have AKC Recognition?

The American Kennel Club is a registry for purebred dog pedigrees, and since the Cocker Spaniel mixed with German Shepherd is a hybrid dog, it doesn't have recognition. Most owners of these breeds prefer keeping their descendants pure to meet the AKC standards.

Both breeds are also more valuable if they’re pure. The health complications that bring mixing both dogs due to their size difference make this mating uncommon most of the time. It can also affect that their puppies could be too large for the Cocker Spaniel to carry.


The Cocker Spaniel mixed with German Shepherd, also known as Spanierd, isn’t a very common mixed-breed, known for their loving and temperate behavior. They’re active and fit dogs that need daily exercise, but it’s crucial to keep an eye on them because of their size and growth problems.