Sometimes, dogs behave in a very weird way all of a sudden, which can be of great concern to owners. However, if you are wondering “why do dogs want to be alone?”, beware because it can be worrying in some cases.

Reasons Why Dogs Want to Be Alone

There are different reasons related to this behavior and we’ll go over each one of them.


Dogs are also affected by stress, even though it is commonly related to human beings.

Different causes are attached to the existence of stress on dogs, but they normally experience it when they are scared. Pets typically feel like this when they are taken to the vet because this means that something is not okay.

Puppies are highly intuitive and aware of their surroundings, so they can easily detect any type of change in their routines. This should not be concerning as dogs will show this behavior in a situation of this type. Besides that, the exposure to new events that never existed in their lives creates stress.


Sickness is also a cause that leads dogs to be on their own. If your pet did not show this conduct before and now does, this means that something is not going well.

In this case, dogs almost always try to find a hiding place in order to feel safer and more protected. They also need to be alone under these circumstances. Canines do not like upsetting owners and other animals that live with them.

The best course of action in this situation is to consult a vet so that owners can get the right diagnosis for their pets.


Like people, dogs feel sadness, and when this comes about the puppy wants its space and privacy.

For example, it may happen that he suffers the loss of another dog or pet that he used to live with. This situation can affect him and make him feel sad. Thus, the canine will spend time lying on his bed or somewhere where he shared moments with the other pet.

On this occasion, you can try to distract him by playing with him or bringing another dog into the house.

Time Alone

There are occasions in the life of dogs in which they desire to spend time alone.

In those places or environments with much external stimulation, activities, and loud noises, dogs intend to retreat and look for spaces without this state of chaos.

Like humans, dogs also need their privacy and moments to relax so make sure that your pet has its own place where it can rest quietly.


Canines are relatives of wolves and therefore they can replicate some behaviors present in this species.

It could be possible that your pet is less fond of being with people and tend to be more independent. Besides, he does not enjoy being smothered with kisses and hugs. That is to say, our puppy requires his space and will go with you only if he wants.

Beyond that, dogs with this behavior can be as affectionate as others. Being independent is not a bad thing. We must accept that not all pets are lapdogs or behave in the same way.

Should Dogs Be Alone?

Generally, dogs sleeping alone can be attributed to negative conditions or diseases in most cases. However, there are other situations in which they act like this because this is part of their nature.

If your dog slept alone from the beginning, you should allow him to do it given that this is a trait of his personality. The fact that pets want to be by themselves does not mean that they do not love us or want to spend time with us.

Puppies sometimes need their privacy and time alone just like humans do.

Nevertheless, do not forget that dogs should be taken on a regular basis to the vet in order to check the state of their health. Being responsible for our pets is taking care of them!