If your dog sleeps with you, maybe you’ve noticed some weird ritual before bedtime. Turning around a lot of times or rubbing himself on the blanket.

This ritual will of course include digging on the bed, which is common behavior on dogs as part of evolutive heritage.

The Origin of Digging

For dogs, digging their beds is an instinct, this is meant to do the bed warmer and more comfortable through the night. Our bed surely is comfortable and warm enough, then this behavior is pointless.

Although, we need to understand, that for dogs ancestors, the ability to build a shelter to spend the night was matter of life or death. In evolutive terms, this means that dogs that know how to build a proper bed survived. Which, several (thousands) of years later, will become our dogs.

An evolutive learned ability is hard to change, it’s like stopping seeing faces in electrical outlets, it’s unconscious behavior. Even if they don’t require shelter to survive anymore, this instinct will keep kicking out.


Other Possible Reasons for Dig on the Bed

While much less common, there may be other reasons why is your dog digging your bed.

Preparing to Give Birth

This is expected behavior from a pregnant mother, she may be looking for a place for nesting her whelps. This is also a way to communicate that her puppies are coming.

Mark Territory

Like many other animals, dogs have scent glands in their feet, used to secret pheromones. This is meant to be smelled by other animals and recognize that this bed already has an owner.


For dogs, the blankets are unknown, they just think it’s some weird floor. They will try to dig it to see how hard it is, how it is composed, and more important what is underneath it.

Hide Something

Some items that your dog wants to keep to himself will be tried to bury, hiding them from others. The reason for it being tried to hide on your bed it’s because he believes it’s his bed, therefore his territory.


It could also mean underlying anxiety. If the digging has become compulsive, repetitive, not only in your bed, and seems to alter him instead of calming him down.


Why Does My Dog Dig on Furniture

Scratching and digging furniture as couches or carpets has similar purposes to doing it on the bed. Probably due to boredom, or he’s detecting a scent and tries to uncover it, or just wants to mark the couch as his own.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Dig on My Bed

In some cases, digging the bed can become destructive and annoying. To avoid this we recommend trying one of these:

Trim the Nails

Shorter and softer nails will be less to none destructive at all. And not just for digging, all the possible furniture affected by scratches will be safe this way.

How often should you trim the nails of your dog may vary, but it is often every 1 month. Just make sure not to shrink them too much, as it can damage him. If you’re unconfident you can take him to a specialist.

More Playtime

If your dog has made digging the bed part of his fun, this could mean that he hasn’t had enough activity during the day. Giving him more opportunities to play and exercise will help to stop this behavior during nighttime.

Give Him His Own Bed

Dog beds are often designed to be resistant to scratches, due to dog’s digging activities. If you want to stop your dog from breaking your bed, give him his own bed. In addition, you could put some blankets in his new rest place, this will add more durability. Since he will be scratching and digging the blankets instead of the bed.