To understand why does your dog has this conduct, you first need to know why do dogs hump. We need to consider a wide spectrum of possibilities, because, despite what it seems, it isn’t exclusively sexual behavior.

Why Do Dogs Hump?

This kind of conduct just can be sexual when it’s done to other dogs, but not exclusively sexual since it can be a way to show dominance.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is male or female, they’re always territorial. So, since is a form of dominant behavior, your pet may see you as the leader of the pack, or it’s trying to exert its influence over you.

Can also be triggered by anxiety, if your dog feels stressed or is under a stressful situation, this can be a way to distress.

Sometimes your dog may do it just because it’s boring, puppies do it as a way to engage in playing, again not sexual behavior, just want to have fun.

As we see, this behavior in dogs is because they want to communicate something to us. But what mean if he only humps one person and no one else?

Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

Like we said before, there isn’t a direct answer for this question, since it can be for dominance, boredom, or anxiety.

But if your dog just has this kind of behavior on you and no one else, it can be because you like him as no one else in the family does. This means, your dog prefers you above the rest. It also can be that he perceives that you are more willing to let him do it to you, and the others won’t. Which encourages this type of conduct.

Reasons that Could Explain This Behavior


Since infancy the dog was humping as a way of playing, it’s possible that he just wants to play with you, but this only applies to puppies.


It’s a way for them to draw attention, maybe your dog just needs some petting or play with you.


This can happen when the dog has literally nothing better to do. It’s often related to dogs kept indoors or with lack of adequate mental stimulation, he just needs more walks.


The dog finds himself in a stressful situation, and it’s telling us that he’s really stressed. It’s normal behavior for reducing the stress, just need relief from the excess of energy.


Dogs may hump as a way to scratch an itch. This is common in dogs with allergies or skin conditions.


If your dog has a medical condition like urinary infection, he may do it because it causes him pain to use the bathroom.


Humping is a way for dogs to assert dominance, this is uncommon when referring to humans, but extremely common with other dogs.

All of these situations can be encouraged by letting the dog do it with no repercussion. In order to stop this behavior, you need to show him the disapproval of the action by putting down, or yelling a little. With time your dog will learn to not do it, but of course, you need to attend to any possible reason mentioned above.

Why Does a Female Dog Hump?

While it’s not as common as with male dogs, female dogs can hump on you just like any other dog, for any of the reasons we just talked about. 

You may think that a female dog having this behavior it’s weird, but it isn’t, when we talk about the sexual reason for this conduct, it’s part of the foreplay that they engage when they’re in heat.

Can Neutered Dogs Also Do It?

Well, a castrated dog can still get an erection, this is because his hormone levels may not be lowered as much yet. This plus there are plenty of non-sexual reasons for your dog to hump, the answer would be yes.

If you hope that castration will solve it, it won’t. But don´t worry here are some things you could try!

How To Stop My Dog From Having This Conduct?

Dogs are social creatures and humping can become a habit in social communication. It’s not just annoying for you to have your dog act like this, but it can be dangerous for your dog trying to “communicate” this way with other dogs or humans.

To stop and discourage this conduct, you would like to try the following:

Be Firm

When your dog tries to hump you, push him away, and do not give him any affection until he calms down.


Keep your dog well-exercised, if he’s too tired, he won’t do anything else.


If your dog wants to hump you, give him a toy or a ball. When he chooses to play with the toy, give him a treat to reinforce that conduct.

Healthy Diet

Well-fed dogs will have plenty of energy to play with and won’t be seeking more attention.

Be Consistent

If you want your dog not to get confused, be consistent with your messages, don’t let him do it any time. You want him to understand what is allowed and what isn’t.


The reasons why does your dog has this type of behavior can be diverse, but it’s clear that if you want your dog to be healthy and social, you may want to stop him from doing so.

With all these recommendations we hope you can drive your dog to stop humping on you or anything else.