Since dogs can’t speak, they use many methods to communicate their thoughts or feelings to us. But why does my dog lick my feet? Don’t get alarmed when this happens to you: this behavior is pretty common and means they respect you!

Some Reasons For this Behavior

Many people associate licking with affection. This is actually true. However, this is not the only reason why dogs lick you.

Dogs, and even cats, tend to lick animals and humans to show their love, but they also might do it as a greeting or as a way to call someone’s attention when they feel ignored.

Why the face, though? This behavior takes back to their early stages of life. Puppies lick their mother's face to communicate that they are hungry. So, when a puppy consistently licks your face it means he or she is hungry and expects you to feed them.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

In the animal kingdom, animals have a set of actions to express themselves to others. Lions greet why rubbing their heads with each other, wolves nibbles other wolves’ faces to show their affection, and dogs lick another dog’s feet to show submissiveness.

For dogs it’s crucial to embody what kind of relationship they have with others, so showing whether they trust you or question you are perfectly normal behaviors. A dog licking your feet is one of the signs that they see you as a leader.

Dogs Want Your Attention

Attention-seeking licking is not tied to specific body parts, but your pets will, however, focus on the body parts that have given them the best results. If licking your elbow doesn't work, then your dog will try to get your attention with other body parts.

Why would a dog aim at your feet? Probably because you have a big reaction or look at them when they do that. Dogs are pretty intelligent and will catch up on your reactions, so if you’re ticklish they know they can call you out by licking your feet.

No reaction at all from their licking will suffice to avoid getting your feet tasted all day long. However, keep in mind this behavior shouldn’t be reprimanded: getting scolded for trying to hang out heavily saddens anyone, be it a dog or a person.

Your Dog Wants to Get Closer to You

It’s hard to believe, but yes. An owner’s feet, regardless of their hygiene, are calming for many canines.

Licking is also a way of building and maintaining bonds with others. This holds true for wolves, cats, and dogs, among other mammals.

This conduct is often labeled as social grooming.

Compulsive or Obsessive Behavior

Whenever your dog gets anxious or is suffering from OCD, it might lick your feet to destress itself and satisfy its impulses.

This kind of licking won’t stop until your dog gets some treatment. It’s advisable to pay a visit to a veterinarian if you suspect something’s off.

Your Feet Are Just Too Tasty!

Dogs are known for their bizarre tastes. It’s not uncommon to see a dog happily chomping down another dog’s poop. And guess what? Your feet are another item on the menu.

Sweat and crumbs make up for a delicious treat for certain dogs. Since they can’t reach your face in most situations, sensing food leftovers or just sweat in your feet is like a golden chance for these little peculiar gourmets.

Nonetheless, there’s a low probability that your dog is not licking your feet because your sweat is tasty, but because they have a lack of minerals they seek to replenish with your bodily fluids. Take note if your dog licks your feet like a meal even though they’ve just finished eating.

Why Is My Dog Licking Everything?

It may happen that your dog is not only licking your feet but also everything at their reach. Is it normal? Yes, and for many reasons.

Smell Attracts Dogs

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell. Strong, pleasant smells could be to blame for their licking.

Since a dog’s taste buds are less perceptive than that of a human, their sense of smell guides them as to what they should try to eat. For example, some dogs like others’ scents so much they will even outright lick them.

Allergies and Infections

Most owners will experience this pattern one day: a dog licking itself too much.

Canines are curious species that endanger themselves fearlessly just for the sake of knowledge. Thanks to that curiosity, scratches, and allergies are always an imminent danger to them.

When dogs develop an infection or have an allergic reaction they tend to lick the affected area repeatedly to soothe the itchiness and fight off bacteria. You don’t need to take your dog to a vet right away, but it’s better to keep an eye on whether it’s recovering.

Lack of Minerals

Dogs that are not getting enough nutrition will try to get it anywhere. Nutrition is a complex matter that, without some digging, it’s impossible to know what’s good and what’s bad for a dog’s diet.

However, there are some clear signs that your dog is not in top form: loose stools, less weight, and less willingness to lick and eat non-food items. Since most of these cases stem from a stomach illness, it won't take you long to realize that your dog is sick.

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Licking My Feet?

Simply try to use a positive reinforcer: encourage them to do other things like playing with a toy or just taking an easy time with treats and other rewards. Never respond negatively to their licking: they’re showing their appreciation for you.

To Sum Up...

Remember that your dog will find every way to show you how much they love you. Show him which ones you like and which ones you don't to build a good relationship together.