Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed

Dogs peeing inside the house can be a problem, but a dog peeing on your bed is a major issue. Once he did it, the smell of his urine will attract him to do it again.

You may think that your dog is trying to take ownership of the bed, derived from the popular belief that dogs mark territory this way.

Maybe he’s having incontinence issues? You may ask, or can it be like kids that wet the bed when they’re scared? Well, to know why is your dog peeing on your or anyone else’s bed and the possible solutions, you first need to identify what is causing it.

What Can Make My Dog Pee on My Bed

There are various reasons for your dog peeing on the bed, a few are medical, and will need professional care. Even so, there are others that are training issues and can be addressed by you.

Urinary System Problems

Problems like urinary tract infections are the most common reasons for a dog peeing unwillingly. It can cause pee accidents due to the loss of continence. The dog requires treatment with antibiotics to recover from this situation.

There are other urinary affections that can lead to piss leaks. These are cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), bladder stones, kidney disease, and even tumors. All of them can affect the time spent without urinating, causing leakage in different places.


Dogs with urinary incontinence will leak urine involuntarily. This may occur only while the dog is asleep, yet some dogs will have leaks while awake. This is most common for senior dogs but can be found in younger dogs under certain conditions.

Hormone-responsive urinary incontinence is not uncommon in female dogs. Hormones may even have an effect on males, though rarer. This can be solved by hormone regulators.

Excitement, Fear, Stress, or Anxiety

In younger dogs, excitement urination is common, they are so happy that won’t control themselves. This normally fades away as the dog grows, but sometimes it remains in adulthood, and training is needed to stop it.

Stress, fear, and anxiety can all cause urinary abnormalities. This is because when the dog is under extreme pressure, he forgot to attend to physiological needs such as peeing. This makes that once the bladder is full, he will release it right at the place he currently is.

Reducing the amount of stress the dog is under, will solve this behavioral deviation.


Training Problems

Housetraining refers to the training given to puppies to teach them to pee and poop outdoors, or in a specific place. Perhaps you believe you have finished the housetraining with your dog, but maybe that isn’t correct.

If your dog isn’t well-trained, he may find his spot to relieve indoors, and it could be why is your dog peeing on your bed. Going through housetraining again could solve the issue.

Territorial Marking

Dogs are territorial animals, so this reason couldn't be missed. Some dogs are more territorial than others, this can cause a territorial marking with urine. If your bed is the target of this behavior, it could be a major problem. Training will be needed to reduce the territorial behavior of a dog.

Why Does My Puppy Pee on My Bed

It’s important to understand that in puppies, the reasons for this behavior are completely different from young and adult dogs.

The main reason why puppies pee on the bed is lack of training, they don't know yet where is the right place to pee. Teaching him where to pee, at least not to pee on the bed, would address the issue here.

In addition, puppies can release sphincters when they get scared, or they are just afraid to leave the bed for peeing. Again, teaching him where he has to pee, will lead him to ask before releasing his bladder.

An alternative solution would be getting a bed only for him.

Why Does My Dog Pee on His Bed

Dogs that urine on their own bed could be engaging in territorial marking, this often happens when there are other pets in the house. This is a way for the dog to tell others that this is his bed and no one else’s. To address this you could train him to reduce territorial behaviors.

Having all the pets with the same “privileges”, such as getting all of them a bed, will soothe any kind of jealousy.

Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed While Sleeping

The most common for this to happen is incontinence. Dogs experiencing this condition suffer from most accidents while sleeping. Other reasons, although less common, could be urinary tract infections or bladder stones.

Encouraging your dog to empty his bladder before sleeping could help immensely.


How to Stop a Dog From Peeing on Beds

Each trigger and specific case have its different solutions, so there isn’t a magic solution that can be applied to all. Despite this, there are two common things that will help to get rid of this drawback.


After an accident or intentional peeing, clear the affected area with an odor neutralizer. Impending the dog from recognizing the bed as “his spot” will prevent him from using it as a regular bathroom.


Housetraining and making up with a schedule, plus encouraging your dog to empty his bladder when he’s outside.

The time that a dog can hold without peeing may vary. So first learn your dog’s specific case first. After that, you can take him out every a few hours, and if he pees, praise or give him a treat. You need that he associates going to pee outside with rewards, discouraging this way peeing indoors.