If you hear something coming from your dog’s ear, like crackling noises, it’s possible that your puppy is suffering from an ear infection.

Why Does My Dog's Ear Make a Crackling Noise?

When your doggo’s ear is provoking a crackling noise, it means there may be pus or another type of fluids inside. The most common cause of this happens when taking a bath, where water gets inside the ear and can become stuck in the ear canals.

Your pup will try to get it out by shaking his head and scratching its ears, to make the sound and fluids inside leave.

The most common symptoms of detecting an ear infection are discharge, redness, and swelling. Be sure to appoint a visit to the vet before it gets worse.

It’s necessary to also note that this noise sometimes just happens, without being related to any infection or complication for your dog’s ear. It may last for a short time and disappear without any consequence.

What Else Causes the Infection?

While the most common reason is water in their ears, there are a few other reasons that can cause this infection. Dogs with long drooping ears like spaniels, basset hounds, or Irish setters are more prone to suffer from this than other breeds.

Allergies, diseases, dirt, and some ear or skin problems can also provoke it.

What to Do Next?

After detecting the symptoms and visiting the vet, the professional will analyze the issue. Through a microscope, they will check if there’s an infection, and how to proceed with the treatment if necessary.

When the fluids are flushed from the ear canals, the healing process takes part. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories will also help to speed up the chances of removing the crackling noises and the infection.

Dealing With Ear Mites

Ear mites are very little and hard to see but can bring huge problems to your dog. Often scratching and head shaking, along with pain when touched are the most common symptoms. You can find many products that treat this, killing the mites and their eggs.

Treating a Ruptured Eardrum

Result of trauma, infection, foreign objects, or loud noises, a ruptured eardrum can produce loss of hearing, pain, and incoordination. If you see pus and blood inside your pet’s ear and any of the symptoms mentioned, take your mascot to the vet immediately.

After a medical examination and tests to check if it is really ruptured, X-ray exams will be needed. Antibiotics and antifungals are necessary to reduce the strong pain, infection, and inflammation your dog is suffering.

How to Prevent New Infections

There are a few tips to ensure your dog’s ears stay healthy and clean. By following these you will avoid hearing crackling noises ever again.

Cleaning Ears Regularly

In order to prevent crackling noises, the best way to do it is by cleaning your dog’s ears regularly. Checking if they’re dirty, smelly, or inflamed is also important to prevent infections.

Make sure you wash their ears at least once every two weeks. Mixing a small amount of alcohol with white vinegar in a bottle and applying it to a small piece of cotton is useful to leave your dog's ears clean. You can also use cleaning solutions for dogs and wipes specially designed for them.

Dog Grooming

You can reduce the chances of infection by trimming your dog’s head hair regularly. This way you will prevent from hair getting inside their ears. Keep in mind this depends on your pup’s breed since not all of them are very hairy.

Herbal and Home Remedies

While not as effective as antibiotics, home remedies can also alleviate the symptoms. It is always recommended to visit the vet first rather than only trying this.

Place green tea and apple cider vinegar on a pure cotton ball and apply it to the pup’s ear.


Next time you ask yourself “why does my dog’s ear make a crackling noise?”, you will know that is probably because of an infection. While you can attempt several ways to cure your dog, appointing a visit to the vet will always be the priority.