French bulldogs, also called by the adorable name of Frenchi, make the best companions one can ask for. They are friendly, playful, and fun to have around. Their lively nature and their smaller size as compared to their distant relative, the English bulldog, makes them a favorite pet for people who live in smaller homes.

There has, however, been one common question asked by owners, “Why does my French bulldog cry at night?” There can be various reasons for your Frenchie crying at night, some normal while some more serious and need immediate attention.

Why Does My French Bulldog Cry at Night Constantly?

The reasons can be different for young and mature Frenchies. While puppies can cry due to loneliness at night, for older ones it can be health conditions.

Anxiety Caused by Separation at Night

When you start training young Frenchies to stay alone at night, they may start crying due to loneliness which makes them feel anxious. Since this cheerful breed loves having company, keeping them in isolation at night makes them prone to crying.

Also, when a puppy is brought home, they may have this behavior at night due to a sudden change in their environment. They tend to cry more if separated from their littermates, mother or even their breeder.

Frenchies take very little time to get attached to humans and so separation stresses them and makes them cry, especially at night when they are alone.

Dementia in Old Frenchies

If your French bulldog is over 6 years of age, it may be crying for not being able to sleep. They develop health conditions like dementia that causes difficulty in sleeping and it leads to them crying and whining all night long.

After reaching 6 years, Frenchies need a lot of care to remain playful and healthy. Taking proper care and going for regular health checkups at the veterinarian is the only way to ensure that old Frenchies don’t cry at night due to sleeplessness.

Need to Communicate

At night, when Frenchies don’t find anyone around them, they tend to cry loudly to signal the owners that they want something. While young French bulldogs cry for attention, older Frenchies may often suffer from pain or other discomfort and it is their way of communicating this.

If when you go at night to see what happens to them and they calm down, you'll know they just wanted to see you.

Discomfort Caused by Allergies

Often French bulldogs can suffer from a skin allergy called atopy that causes their skin to itch. During the day, with exciting activities going on, Frenchies tend to stay distracted even if their skin feels itchy. At night, when all is quiet, they can feel uncomfortable due to the irritation caused by allergies and cry.

Try to notice if it is scratching itself during the day. This way you can be certain that it's an allergy and consult a veterinarian.

How to Stop Your French Bulldog from Crying at Night?

Why Does My French Bulldog Cry At Night

If after consultation with the veterinarian you have been able to verify that their behavior is not due to medical causes, you can try these tips:

  • Prove them with various activities during the day so that they feel tired at night and fall asleep.
  • Offer treats as a way to distract your French bulldog.
  • Make your pup feel that you are always there for them.
  • If you are not present for most parts of the day, go for a professional pet sitter.
  • Try to locate if there’s any particular source of stress for your dog at night as a big clock in the room or tree shadows from the windows. Remove them from its sight.
  • Keep the area where your French bulldog plays open and available.


Whether it is for attention or due to discomfort, finding the cause that makes them cry is necessary. Try to train them right from their puppyhood and keep them active all day long so that they naturally feel tired and fall asleep at night.