Why Is My Dog Acting Weird

Defining weird would be a good place to start since there are a lot of behaviors that we could be used to. These can suddenly change or some news can show up. It’s certainly for an underlying reason and knowing this information will help you know how to act with your dog in strange situations.

What Is Weird Acting in Dogs

Well, it could be a sudden change in previous behavior. Like a dog that was willing to know new individuals now tries to escape or gets aggressive. Or it could be new conduct like licking his paws or bothering another dog, when formerly never happened.

Hiding or Trembling

If your pup is running away from specific situations or people, maybe because he’s afraid of something or someone. This could be a loud noise, a new activity for your dog, or even someone that mistreated him in the past.

Moreover, if he’s standing at one point but shaking a lot, this could mean he’s terrified of something, but he can’t escape. Or maybe he won’t escape because he’s more afraid of being alone in those situations.

While this is the main reason for a dog that suddenly started shaking, it isn’t the only, and some my include medical underlying causes.

Yelping or Crying

When something painful happens to your pup, he will yelp or cry because of it. But what means when nothing seemed to happen and yet your pooch is whining or screaming? Well, that could tell us that he’s in pain for underlying reasons, anxious, or bored. However, certain breeds, like Chihuahuas, tend to cry constantly without being sick. Keep that in mind.

If this happens especially when you touch him, this surely is pain and needs to be attended by a vet.

Excessive Barking

This behavior points to inform us that our dogs are bored, anxious, or stressed. In addition, your furry friend may be trying to alert you to danger that you are not seeing. Excessive barking or "barking at nothing" may seem strange but it always has a reason.

Licking Their Paws

While it is normal when a dog does it occasionally, it could mean that your pooch has some kind of injury on his paws, such as cuts, or thorns.

Other common reasons could be parasites or allergies that can make paws very itchy. You could try inspecting your dog’s paw. If you aren’t able to find the cause, yet some irritation signs are shown, that would deserve a vet visit.

Refuse Socialize

Shy dogs are common, but what if your pet wasn’t this way a time ago? That could mean that he has been through a kind of mistreatment or traumatic event. Give it time, if he doesn’t go back to normal, consider a conduct training.


A dog can become aggressive because of mistreatment, hormonal changes, or he’s in pain for something.


What Does My Dog’s Weird Behavior Means

Every strange behavior try to tell us something. Once you found what kind of weird acting your dog is having, it’s time to find what it could be meaning.


There are several types of anxiety a dog can experience, age-related anxiety, separation anxiety, fear-related anxiety. And for any of these cases, the behavior changes could include chewing furniture, loud and constant barking.


A dog without enough mental or physical stimulation could trigger changes in the conduct. It could be excessive barking, breaking toys or furniture, making the bathroom inside.

If you’re out of home for several hours, consider this as a possible cause for your dog’s behavior change.

Changes in Routine

Dogs like to rely on a daily routine. They like to eat at the same hours, go for a walk at the same time as yesterday.

If a change is needed, it’s better to do it slowly and incrementally. Any sort of major change will feel disruptive in your dog’s life. Causing this way some strange acting.

Diet Issues

If your four-legged friend seems depressed, lazy, or lethargic, this could be caused by insufficient nutrition. When your dog’s daily intake of calories and nutrients isn’t enough he’ll likely start acting weird.

Another issue could be some change to his diet, like humans, dogs sometimes need to get used to new food. At first, he won’t get the necessary nutrition from it, or maybe he won’t digest it properly.

Any change to the diet should be made gradually. Mix the food when beginning to finish with the new food once your pup gets used to it.


If you see your friend hiding, avoiding people or other dogs, or yelping that could mean your dog is afraid of something. It could be any loud noise, like fireworks, that he isn't usual with. It can also be some new activity that is fearing him for example, going to the vet.

You should try to remove the source of this fear when possible, and when not just comfort him as possible.


When a dog is pregnant or becoming sexually mature, he is under constant mood changes due to hormones. Your dog could start having some behavior like panting, humping, nesting, or becoming aggressive.

This is always temporary but can be avoided by neutering or spaying him.

Injury or Illness

If your dog is sleeping more than usual, refuses to eat or drink, or is irascible may mean that he is injured. This behavior is due to discomfort caused by pain, the best thing to do is identify more symptoms and visit the vet.


Perhaps you never mistreated him, but this doesn't mean that no one in their past, or when you weren’t looking did it. This could be the reason your dog became antisocial or avoided people.

The solution should be never to put him in a place where he can be mistreated, with time he will trust again.


How To Stop Dog From Acting Strangely

The whole point of categorizing, knowing, and finding possible causes to this weird behavior it’s how can we help our dogs to stop it.

If you weren’t able to recognize the cause, talk to your vet, he can help with your dog’s specific case. Same if you figured out the trigger, but it is a medical or health-related behavioral change.

Finally, if it’s something you can work with, try removing the main reason that is causing your dog to act like this. If it’s impossible to avoid, try mitigating by reducing or comforting your pet when he’s going through these situations.

As closure remember that a dog’s behavior has always a reason if we learn to read between the lines, we can find and treat the cause.