If you want to know why won’t your dog leave your other dog alone?, you must keep in mind that this conduct is due to different reasons. Dogs normally act like this because of jealousy, anxiety, play, heat and curiosity.

Even though these factors can account for this conduct, showing preference or favoritism for one dog may influence it. Age and temperament have to do with this sort of behavior as well.

Reasons Why Your Dog Won't Stop Bothering Your Other Dog:

This annoying behavior that affects the pet can be attributed to five main reasons.

1. Jealousy

Like humans, dogs do get jealous too. They may feel like this because they are not receiving their full share of attention. Because of another dog living at home, the protagonism that the first pet used to have is now at stake. 

As he perceives that he is assuming a secondary role in the owner’s life, the pup will do anything to get the favoritism back. That’s why he will follow the other dog everywhere, trying to get that privileged position that he had before the arrival of the other companion. 

2. Anxiety

Due to a situation creating considerable stress, your pet will feel anxiety and be eager to know what is to come. This response is expected when seeing another dog for the first time.

Considering that bringing a new puppy interrupted his daily schedule, the pup desires to learn as much as possible about the new member of the family. This will influence his behavior, making him bother the other dog for long.

3. Play

Doggies really enjoy those moments devoted to playing. Every time they go for walk, run in the park and catch Frisbee, the pups become wildly excited. The dog, accustomed to being alone, can show joy at having a new playmate.

The idea of making a new friend and have fun with him, will produce a burst of enthusiasm on the dog. However, not at doggies are willing to play or be entertained since their age can make them reluctant to engage in these activities.

While there are pets that are more active and cannot stop enjoying themselves, others are inactive and lacks that boundless energy. The pet with more energy is almost always willing to have a good time, and therefore he wants others to spend time with him.This is why, he will not leave the other dog alone.

4. Heat

While females normally go into heat twice a year, males can be sexually active all the year.

As dogs’ sexual instinct is driven by hormones, they will do anything to mate; chasing the other doggie is no exception. Being in heat is just a natural behavior of dogs. 

Why won’t my dog leave my other dog alone? Being in heat is one of the most typical answers. As instinct is a natural response to certain stimuli, when a pet is in heat he can be bothering the other dog all day long.

Should somebody consider that the sexual drive is detrimental to the other dog, neutering is the right choice to eliminate it.

5. Curiosity

Bringing another pup home, will arouse the curiosity of the dog. Provided that there is an unfamiliar member at home, and he is of the same species, the first pet will be eager to collect information about him.

The newcomer will call the attention, and therefore he will not be left alone. Your pet will intend to smell and look at him most of the time. This will only occur some days, and after some weeks your dog will leave aside this irritating behavior.

How to Prevent a Dog from Bothering Another Dog?

There are different forms that allow owners to tackle this issue.

Introduce Them Little by Little

Knowing someone is a slow process and should not be done all at once. This is the case with dogs as well. They must meet each other progressively so that they will refrain from behaving oddly.

Each day that passes you increase the time they spend together. They will eventually develop a relationship and will not bother each other.

Show Affection Separately

One of the most common mistakes that owners make is to show deep affection to one dog in front of the other. This way, the pets will feel that they are not loved and this will deeply affect them. 

The best course of action is to show affection separately. For some reason, the idiom “what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over” exists. When owners embrace them warmly or kiss their pets on the head, they should do it alone.

When doing so, there will be no reason for your pups to feel jealous of each other.

Show Them That You Don't Like Their Attitude

Your pets easily detect when the owner dislikes how they are acting. With the intention of correcting this bad behavior, a person must show disapproval every time puppies bother the other dog.

When it comes to scolding a puppy, never physically discipline or scream at your dog.

Consider Taking Him to a Trainer

When people see that they tried everything and cannot prevent a dog from bothering another dog, it is time to consult a trainer. Professionals are the ones who will provide owners with the proper advice and training to modify those strange behaviors found in dogs.

Although it will cost families money, this is the ultimate solution to regulate the doggo’s conduct and provide the other pet with a peaceful coexistence. 


This particular behavior is expected when two dogs are living together. Keep in mind that pets may react instinctively if they are with another of the same species. While socializing for the first time, we may think that they should not act this way, but what we consider strange can be part of their nature.

Therefore, owners should not think the dog lost his mind when he bothers or does not leave the other dog alone.